Free short courses in Business Finance

Usefu links containing free short courses in business and finance:
Course 1 - Evaluating Financial PerformanceAsset Turnover Dividend Yield EBITDA Calculation EBITDA Schedule Free Cash Flow - PepsiCo Operating Margin Ratio Sources Return on Equity Calculation Return on Equity Defined Return on Net Assets Z Score
Course 2 - Financial Forecasting
Better Budgets Forecasting Overview Sales Forecast Sales Planning
Course 3 - Capital Budgeting Analysis
Asset Valuation Capital Budgeting Overview Cash Flow Analysis Internal Rate of Return Net Present Value Payback Period
Course 4 - Managing Cash Flow
Control Cash Flow Factoring Receivables Managing Cash Flows Positive Cash Flows Tracking Cash Flows
Course 5 - Managing RiskEnterprise Risk Holistic Risk Nature of Risk Understanding Risk
Course 6 - The Management of Capital
Capital Structure Cost of Capital Weighted Avg Cost of Capital Valuing IP
Course 7 - Mergers and Acquisitions (Parts 1 and 2)Adventures in M&A Business Valuation CEO Refresher Quick Overview-1 Quick Overview-2
Course 8 - Creating Value through Financial ManagementEVA Calculation ROI Guide Simple Valuation Value Based Performance Measurement
Course 9 - Advanced Concepts in Financial ManagementGet Smart Intangible Assets Intellectual Capital Knowledge Capital Knowledge Management Managing Intangibles Measuring Intangibles Measuring Intellectual Capital
Course 10 - Strategic Planning
Components Create a Strategy Five Good Ideas Strategic Management
Course 11 - Balanced Scorecard
Basic Overview Business Scorecard Introduction Metrics Potential Problems Strategic System
Course 12 - Competitive Intelligence (Parts 1 and 2)
CEO Roundtable CI Factors CI Programs SWOT Analysis What is CI?
Course 13 - Going Public / Initial Public Offerings
FAQ Glossary Process Questions Terms
Course 14 - Activity Based Costing
ABC Overview-1 ABC Overview-2 ABC Tool Case Study-ATT Case Study-SunLife Case Study-VW Lean Issues Quick Overview The ABC's
Course 15 - Value in the Non Profit SectorLogic Model Logic Model Examples Need to Know Nonprofit Boards
Course 16 - Financial Modeling
Cost Model Spreadsheet Model Introduction
Course 17 - Process Improvement
ANOVA Balancing Six Sigma-CMM Capability Maturity Model CMM Basics Lean Glossary Lean Manufacturing Terms Misconceptions about CMM Process Mapping Seven Basic Tools T Q M TQM Glossary Z Score
Course 18 - LeadershipConcepts Qualities Self Check Style Survey Working with Others
Course 19 - Managing Projects
Discrete Level of Effort Earned Value Mgmt Project Charter Responsibility Assignment Matrix Task Plan Work Breakdown Structure

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