Finance study guide

Finance study guide
The guide, was developed to help people working in the micro-finance field to obtain basic accounting and financial management skills. It is intended for field and Head Office staff of micro-finance organizations; micro-finance consultants; and members of the donor community who would like to understand how micro-finance organizations report and monitor their activities. The guide comprises a set of seven lessons, each containing questions and exercises for which answers can be found in the accompanying Solutions to Exercises document. Unless you are already familiar with accounting theory, it is suggested that you complete the Accounting guide prior to completing this one.

Lesson 1: Principles of Credit - Meeting Client Needs Finance - Lesson 1 (en)
Lesson 2: Effective Cost of Borrowing Finance - Lesson 2 (en)
Lesson 3: Break-even Analysis Finance - Lesson 3 (en)
Lesson 4: Viability of a Microfinance Organization Finance - Lesson 4 (en) Sample Account Analysis (en)
Lesson 5: Delinquency Management Finance - Lesson 5 (en)
Lesson 6: Cash Flow Management Finance - Lesson 6 (en)
Lesson 7: Creating a Budget Finance - Lesson 7 (en)
Finance Study Guide - Solutions to Exercises Solutions1996 Finance - Solutions to exercises (en)
Finance Study Guide Pre-test Test questions1996 Finance - Pre-test (en)
Sample Account Analysis Course notes1996 Sample Account Analysis (en)

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