Accounting self study guide

Accounting study guide
The guide was developed to help people working in the micro-finance field to obtain basic accounting and financial management skills. It is intended for field and Head Office staff of micro-finance organizations; micro-finance consultants; and members of the donor community who would like to understand how micro-finance organizations report and monitor their activities. The guide is not meant to be an in-depth accounting course. It is designed simply to provide users with the basics of accounting, so that they can understand financial statements better.


Lesson 1: Definition of Accounting Accounting - Lesson 1 (en)
Lesson 2: The Balance Sheet Accounting - Lesson 2 (en)
Lesson 3: The Income Statement Accounting - Lesson 3 (en)
Lesson 4: Recording Changes in Financial Position Accounting - Lesson 4 (en)
Lesson 5: Summarizing Changes in Financial Position Accounting - Lesson 5 (en)
Lesson 6: Relationship between Financial Statements Accounting - Lesson 6 (en)
Accounting Case Study Case study1996 Case Study (en)
Accounting Study Guide: Solutions to Exercises Solutions1996 Accounting - Solutions to Exercises (en)
Case Study Answers Solutions1996 Answers (en)
Pre-Test Test questions1996 Pre-Test (en)
Sample Accounts Course notes1996 Sample accounts (en)

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