Management Accounting free publications online

Statements on Management Accounting
Online documents from The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)
The publications present the views of IMA regarding management accounting and financial management issues,
The statements documents contains the following subjects and categories:
*Leadership Strategies and Ethics
- IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice
- Managing Cross Functional Teams
- Developing Comprehensive Competitive Intelligence
- Managing Quality Improvements
* Technology Enablement
Understanding and Implementing Internet E-Commerce
* Strategic Cost Management
- Implementing Activity-Based Costing
- Measuring the Cost of Capacity
- Tools and Techniques for Implementing ABC/ABM
- Implementing Activity-Based Management
- Tools and Techniques for Implementing Target Costing
- Theory of Constraints (TOC) Management Systems Fundamentals
- Implementing Capacity Cost Management Systems
- Designing an Integrated Cost Management System for Driving Profit and Organizational Performance
- Implementing Target Costing
- Accounting for the Lean Enterprise
* Business Performance Management
- Effective Benchmarking
- Implementing Corporate Environmental Strategies
- Measuring and Managing Shareholder Value Creation
- Tools and Techniques for Implementing Integrated Performance Management Systems
- Implementing Integrated Supply Chain Management for Competitive Advantage
- Tools and Techniques for Implementing Integrated Supply Chain Management
- Lean Enterprise Fundamentals
- Implementing Process Management for Improving Products and Services
- Implementing Automated Workflow Management
- Value Chain Analysis for Assessing Competitive Advantage
- Tools and Techniques of Environmental Accounting for Business Decisions
* Enterprise Risk & Controls
-Enterprise Risk Management: Frameworks, Elements, and Integration
* Practice of Management Accounting
-Definition and Measurement of Direct Material Cost
-Understanding Financial Instruments
-The Accounting Classification of Workpoint Costs
-Redesigning the Finance Function
-Tools and Techniques for Redesigning the Finance Function
-Implementing Shared Service Centers

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