Accounting documents from Sun Yat-sen University

Some basic accounting lessons online from School of Business, Sun Yat-sen University

direct link for Powerpoint and word documents:
-Lesson 1 Introduction to Accounting ppt (powerpoint ) doc (word)
-Lesson 2 Accounting Transaction and Accounting Equation ppt doc
-Lesson 3 Analyzing and Recording Accounting Transactions ppt doc
-Lesson 4 Adjusting Accounts for Financial Statement ppt doc
-Lesson 5 Completing the Accounting Cycle ppt doc
-Lesson 6 Accounting for Merchandising Activities ppt doc
-Lesson 7 Merchandise Inventories and Cost of Sales ppt doc
-Lesson 8 Accounting Information System ppt doc
-Lesson 9 Financial Statements ppt doc
-Lesson 10 Understanding and Using Financial Statements ppt doc
-Lesson 11 Understanding Accounting Principles ppt doc
-Lesson 12 Internal Control and Business Ethics ppt doc
-Lesson 13 Managerial Accounting Ⅰ: Concepts and Principles ppt doc
-Lesson 14 Managerial Accounting Ⅱ: Applications ppt doc

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