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Starting Your Business Examine what's involved in starting your own business, and assess whether self-employment is right for you.
Planning Your Business Learn how to create a winning business plan.
Getting Financing for Your Business Examine a wide variety of ways to get the money you need to start a business.
Marketing Your Product Establish your unique selling proposition and make pricing, packaging and advertising decisions.
Winning Government Contracts Learn the rules that will help you sell to the biggest consumer there is: the U.S. government.
Your Office and Equipment Assess your needs, then choose and equip the right facility for your business, whether its your home or a dedicated business facility.
People Who Work for You Hire, manage, and retain the right people.
Managing Your Business Finances Institute the accounting processes that will provide the information you need to manage your business.
Controlling Your Taxes Develop effective methods for complying with your sales, income, property, and other tax obligations.
Building Your Personal Wealth How your business profits will allow you to achieve personal financial goals.
Protecting Your Assets Strategies to protect your personal and business assets.
Getting Out of Your Business Develop an effective exit strategy.

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RoseCovered Glasses said...

There are many good points in your article. I would like to supplement them with some information.

For an all-volunteer site, dedicated to small businesses who wish to succeed in federal government contracting, please see the below site:

The federal government will contract in excess of $80B to small businesses in the next fiscal year.

There are over 50 agencies or "Departments" in the federal government. Each of these agencies has a statutory obligation to contract from small business for over 20% of everything it buys.

Contracting officers must file reports annually demonstrating they have fulfilled this requirement. Not fulfilling the requirement can put agency annual funding in jeopardy. Small business has a motivated customer in federal government contracting officers and buyers.

Large business, under federal procurement law, must prepare and submit annual "Small Business Contracting Plans" for approval by the local Defense Contract Management Area Office (DCMAO) nearest their headquarters. These plans must include auditable statistics regarding the previous 12 month period in terms of contracting to small businesses and the goals forecast for the next year.

The federal government can legally terminate a contract in a large business for not meeting small business contracting goals. Approved small business plans must accompany large business contract proposals submitted to federal government agencies. Small businesses have motivated customers in large business subcontract managers, administrators and buyers.
There are set-aside opportunities available for small entities,veterans, disabled veterans, women and minorities. All it takes is navigating the system, persistance, asking questions, registering, marketing, teaming and working hard.

Small Business America is good at that.

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