Sales Management Textbook online

Sales Management Textbook : Teamwork, Leadership, and Technology
Prof. Charles M. Futrell, Texas A&M
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Part I Introduction To Sales Management
Chapter 1 Sales Management: Its Nature, Rewards, and Responsibilities
Chapter 2 Social, Ethical, and Legal Responsibilities of Sales Personnel
Part II Planning The Sales Team's Efforts
Chapter 3 Building Relationships through Strategic Planning
Chapter 4 The Market-Driven Sales Organization
Chapter 5 Forecasting Market Demand and Sales Budgets
Chapter 6 Design and Size of Sales Territories
Chapter 7 Sales Objectives and Quotas
Part III Staffing the Sales Team
Chapter 8 Planning for and Recruiting Successful Salespeople
Chapter 9 Selection, Placement, and Socialization of Successful Salespeople
Part IV Training the Sales Team
Chapter 10 The Management of Sales Training and Development
Chapter 11 Contents of the Sales Training Program: Sales Knowledge and the Selling Process
Part V Directing The Sales Team
Chapter 12 Motivating Salespeople toward High Performance
Chapter 13 Compensation for High Performance
Chapter 14 Leading the Sales Team
Part VI Controlling The Sales Team
Chapter 15 Analysis of Sales and Marketing Costs
Chapter 16 Evaluation of Salespeople's Performance
Comprehensive Sales Force Cases and Exercises

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