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Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making
Fourth Edition by Paul D. Kimmel, Jerry J. Weygandt and Donald E. Kieso.
FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING provides students with an understanding of fundamental concepts necessary to use accounting effectively. Starting with a “macro” view of accounting information, the authors present real financial statements. They establish how a financial statement communicates the financing, investing, and operating activities of a business to users of accounting information. Kimmel, Weygandt and Kieso motivate students by grounding the discussion in the real world, showing them the relevance of the topics covered to their future career.
Detailed Contents:
Chapter 1. Introduction to Financial Statements.
Chapter 2. A Further Look at Financial Statements.
Section 1: The Financial Statements Revisited.
Section 2: Financial Reporting Concepts.
Chapter 3. The Accounting Information System.
Chapter 4. Accrual Accounting Concepts.
Chapter 5. Merchandising Operations and the Multiple-Step Income Statement.
Chapter 6. Reporting and Analyzing Inventory.
Chapter 7. Internal Control and Cash.
Chapter 8. Reporting and Analyzing Receivables.
Chapter 9. Reporting and Analyzing Long-Lived Assets.
Section 1: Plant Assets.
Section 2: Intangible Assets.
Chapter 10. Reporting and Analyzing Liabilities.
Section 1: Current Liabilities.
Section 2: Long-Term Liabilities.
Chapter 11. Reporting and Analyzing Stockholders’ Equity.
Chapter 12. Statement of Cash Flows.
Chapter 13. Financial Analysis: The Big Picture.
Appendix A. Specimen Financial Statements: Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
Appendix B. Specimen Financial Statements: Hershey Foods Corporation.
Appendix C. Time Value of Money.
Section 1: Future Value Concepts.
Section 2: Future Value Concepts.
Appendix D. Reporting and Analyzing Investments.

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