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Direct Marketing
This course will help you how much should you spend on your direct marketing campaign, how to reach your target customers, how to decide what package to send them, who is to handle print, production and mailing and who will handle the Response
Communicating for profit
In this course, we look at the ways in which you communicate with others. We will show how to radiate a positive image to customers, colleagues and suppliers. This is important because the way that we treat them influences the way that they treat us.
Costing and Pricing
In this course, we will look at various methods of setting prices, calculating costs, and estimating sales volumes
Customer Care
The course is designed to show you how you can make customers feel that you are genuinely interested in them - interested in them as people, not merely as accounts.
Management Accounting
After this course you should be able to plan, coordinate and compare budgets of a business
The aim of the Marketing course is to help you develop a marketing ‘package’ that will successfully meet customers’ needs.
Reception Skills
The aims of this course are to provide reception staff with an understanding of the requirements and duties performed in reception, and the ability to perform these duties effectively.
Using IT in your business
The aim of this course is to help businesses to understand the benefits of using information technology (IT) to make their business more effective and efficient.
Time Stress and management
At the end of this seminar, you will be able to take time to think, evaluate what you are trying to achieve and how you are going about achieving it so that you can work more effectively and happily in the future.
This course is designed to help you understand how taxation works.
Personal Selling Skills
The Personal Selling Skills course has been designed to improve your selling skills by helping you to recognise selling opportunities and coaching you in successful techniques.
Managing Performance
The Managing Performance course is designed to introduce people to the key principles of managing performance and how to handle Employee Relations in a professional and proactive manner. The course offers the essential knowledge and skills required to ensure performance is managed effectively and efficiently.
The aims of this course are to: - understand why book-keeping is important - examine a wide variety of book-keeping options and select the one most appropriate for your business - introduce Value Added Tax - practice recording financial transactions
Credit Control
Most firms have to provide their customers with trade credit. The aim of this course is to ensure that your customers do not take advantage of your willingness to provide this credit.
Customer Care on the Telephone
The aims of this course are to enable people who use the telephone in business situations to improve their skills and deliver better customer care through telephone contact.
Accounting With Computers
This course shows you the benefits of computerised accounting, and the types of accounts packages you can use with the computer.
Advertising and Promotion
The aim of this course is to enable you to plan a strategy for your advertising and promotion, with a clear objective, a precise target customer, a key benefit and supporting benefits. It will also help you decide how you should allocate your promotion time and budget.
Effective Management
The aims of this course are to help owners and managers to develop the skills to plan and use and control resources effectively.
Employing People
After studying this course, you should be able to assess your recruitment requirements and identify the most effective and efficient methods of recruitment for your business in order to recruit additional staff.
Health and Safety
The course is designed to provide an overview of the benefits and legal requirements of health and safety in the workplace.
Negotiating Skills
This course will help you to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses in negotiating and to help develop an effective negotiating style.
Start your own Business
This course is intended for use by those who are seeking to start their own business. By the time you have worked through all sections, you will have a basic guideline on how to produce a Business Plan.

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