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Internet Macroeconomics Notes
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Part I Understanding Economic Activity
1) Economics Defined
2) Allocating Scarce Resources
3) The Basic Characteristics of Capitalism
4) Demand and Supply
5) 5 Key Economic Questions Society Must Answer
6) Government's Economic Functions
7) Market System Participants
Part II Understanding Total Economic Activity
8) Measuring Total Economic Activity
9) The Business Cycle
10) Macro Equilibrium
11) Analyzing Macro Equilibrium
12 Understanding Keynesian Economics
13 Money, Banking, and Monetarism
Part III Controlling Total Economic Activity
14) Fiscal Policy15) Monetary Policy
16) Stagflation and the Rise of Supply-Side Economics
17) Budget Deficits
18) Economic Growth
Appendix A International Trade

Internet Microeconomics Notes
Introduction to Microeconomics
Part I How Demand and Supply Affect Profit
19 How Elasticity of Demand Affects Total Revenue
20) Demand Theory and Consumer Choice
21) How Cost of Production Affects Supply
22) Understanding ProfitPart
II Product and Factor Markets
23) Pure Competition
24) Monopoly
25 Monopolistic Competition
26) Oligopoly
27) Demand for Economic Resources
28) Wage Determination
29) Rent, Interest, and ProfitPart
III Government Activity, Capitalism, and Our Mixed
30) Economy Analyzing Public Sector Economic Activity
31) The Economics of Government Subsidies
32) Antitrust and Other Government Regulation
33) Distributing Income
Appendix A International Trade

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