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Asset Accounts
Anything owned, whether tangible (a physical item) or intangible (the right to something) is an asset. Assets are generally separated into two groups:
Current Assets - Cash and other assets that will be used up, or sold, or converted to cash within the normal operation of business.
Plant Assets - Permanent or fixed assets, such as land, buildings, equipment, etc.
Common Asset Accounts:
Current Assets:
• Cash - Includes the cash at the store & in the bank.
• Accounts Receivable - What others owe you.
• Notes Receivable - Loans made to others.
• Prepaid Insurance - Premiums that are paid in advance.
• Office Supplies - Are assets from purchase to use.
• Inventories - Ready to be sold and work in progress.
Plant Assets:
• Equipment - Office, production, store equipment.
• Buildings - Your place of business - garage, plant, store.
• Land - Should have it's own account - doesn't depreciate
Liability Accounts
Anything that is owed to others is a liability. Liabilities are often referred to as "payables".
Liabilities are generally separated into two groups:
Current Liabilities
Debts to others that are due in a short period of time and are paid with current assets.
Long-term Liabilities
Debts that are "fixed" or paid over a long period of time, often for plant assets.
Common Liability Accounts:
Current Liabilities:
• Notes Payable - Promissory notes to creditors.
• Accounts Payable - What you owe others on account.
• Unearned Revenue - You've been paid, but haven't delivered.
• Salaries Payable - Salaries you owe employees.
• Interest Payable - Interest you owe.
• Taxes Payable - Taxes you owe.
Long-Term Liabilities:
Liabilities that are carried over a number of years or at least more than one accounting cycle. Examples of long-term liabilities are mortgages payable, bonds payable, and long-term notes

Asset Accounts
Liability Accounts
Owner Equity Accounts
Chart of Accounts
Balance Sheet
Business Entities
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